Bed Bugs:
A Landlord's Nightmare

In the latest episode of our podcast, hosts Jonathan and Krista tackled the unsettling topic of bed bugs, aiming to demystify and provide actionable advice for landlords facing this issue. Bed bugs, described as tiny, blood-sucking parasites, present a significant challenge due to their small size, nocturnal feeding habits, and rapid breeding cycle. Despite the stigma, the hosts emphasized that bed bug infestations should be addressed promptly and without prejudice.

Key Highlights from the Episode:


The hosts explained how to spot bed bugs and their telltale signs, including reddish-brown streaks on mattresses and furniture, as well as the itchy, uncomfortable bites they leave on humans.

Immediate Action:

Upon a tenant’s complaint of bed bugs, landlords are advised to take the matter seriously, request photographic evidence, and inspect for signs of infestation. Prompt engagement with professional extermination services is recommended.

Prevention Tips:

Landlords can play a crucial role in preventing bed bugs by educating tenants about the risks associated with used furniture and the importance of regular cleaning and vigilance. For multi-family properties, the risks are compounded, and extra caution with used items is suggested.

Professional Extermination:

The hosts strongly advocated for professional extermination services over DIY methods, highlighting the resilience of bed bugs to various treatment methods. Professional services typically employ a combination of heat and chemical treatments to eradicate bed bugs effectively.

Legal Considerations:

Landlords are reminded to familiarize themselves with local and state regulations regarding bed bug infestations, including tenant notification and accommodation requirements during treatment.

The episode concluded with an invitation for listeners to share their experiences and a reminder of the importance of approaching bed bug infestations with seriousness, prompt action, and empathy for affected tenants. The hosts’ engaging discussion provided valuable insights into managing one of the most dreaded issues in property management, emphasizing collaboration between landlords and tenants to resolve the problem efficiently.


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