Landlords: Good or Evil? Busting Myths and Building Trust

December 12, 2023

In a recent TurboTenant webinar, Jonathan and Krista explored the complex public perception of landlords, addressing the reasons behind negative sentiments and offering insights on improving landlord-tenant relationships.

Why Some People Dislike Landlords

The webinar began by examining the root causes of negative perceptions towards landlords, including the commodification of housing and the power dynamics between property owners and renters. A significant issue highlighted was the dwindling supply of affordable housing, which exacerbates the struggle for renters, particularly when faced with landlords who neglect property maintenance, leading to the derogatory term “slumlords.”

Impact of Recent Market Conditions

Recent years have seen dramatic fluctuations in the housing market, influenced by COVID-19, eviction moratoriums, and soaring rental and housing prices. These conditions have intensified frustrations among those unable to afford homeownership, further straining relations with property owners.

Strategies for Landlords

The discussion then shifted to strategies for landlords aiming to foster positive relationships with tenants. Key recommendations included:

  • Implementing clear, consistent communication and processes.
  • Maintaining properties to a standard you would be happy to live in yourself.
  • Building a human connection with tenants through small gestures of kindness.
  • Setting fair rental prices, particularly for long-standing tenants.

Encouraging Positive Landlord Behaviors

The webinar emphasized the importance of viewing rental management as a service-oriented business that requires a balance between profitability and humanity. Landlords were encouraged to see themselves as providers of homes rather than merely collectors of rent, which is key to reversing negative public perceptions.

For more insights and to join the conversation on being a better landlord, visit TurboTenant.

Video Transcript


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