Easy, sharable condition reports. Tailored to your rental.

It’s easier than ever to streamline your condition report process for free. Protect yourself from any “he said, she said” conflicts and security deposit disputes by moving your process online.

Condition Reports with Guy Green

Move-In and Move-Out Checklists for Landlords

The hassle-free solution to making your condition reports digital


Simple customization

Tailor your report to match your rental's unique features, like room count and amenities. Say goodbye to random PDFs you find on other websites.


Send and sign

Send the report to your tenants for them to fill out, add notes, upload photos, and sign off on from their phone or computer. No paper required.


Easy to find – forever

Store the completed report securely in your TurboTenant account for quick reference. Get rid of your messy Google Drive folders and filing cabinets.

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TurboTenant has to offer

Lease Agreements

Manage your lease, document, and maintenance needs in one place

Lease agreements between landlord and tenant

Customize your lease in minutes

Crafted and regularly updated by legal professionals, our online lease templates ensure compliance with your state’s laws – saving you time and money.

Lease Agreements mobile preview in TurboTenant Application UI

Sign important docs from anywhere

Get critical forms signed online and ditch the mail and fax machine. Send reminders with one click and get alerts when the documents you send are signed.

Lease agreement e-signature

All the forms you need to succeed

With our Landlord Forms Pack, you’ll access 32 essential rental forms to prepare for any situation, from welcome letters to rent increase notices. Available for download in PDF format.

TurboTenant form options (state-specific lease agreement, lease agreement addendum, co-signer agreement, move in/out condition report, noticeto pay rent or quit, 24 hour notice to enter, property inspection, preventative maintenance schedule.)

Built-in, easy maintenance requests

Tenants can easily submit any issues from their portal so you can keep a paper trail of all maintenance performed.

Maintenance tracking

Ensure your renters are insured

You can easily require renters insurance via TurboTenant. Make it simple for renters to upload proof of their policy or purchase an affordable one through our trusted partner.

Renters Insurance Lease feature

Customize. Send. Sign. Store.

Move the outdated process of move-in and move-out inspections online by making the entire experience digital for you and your tenants. 

Condition Reports UI

Rent Payments

A professional tool to hold renters accountable

Rent Payments on mobile

Customize late fees to your process

Implement late fees on monthly payments – simply set a past-due date and late fee amount. We automatically send the fee and notify tenants if they don’t pay on time. 

Late Fees in rent payments preview

Make it easier for renters to pay on time

Turn on autopay for your tenants, allowing them to put rent and other utility payments on autopilot with a few easy clicks.

Auto Pay Rent Payments

Keep a paper trail of your payments

Keep clear records and send professional receipts to tenants whenever they make a payment – even if it isn’t through TurboTenant.

Record Payment and Receipt2

Let us nudge your renters for you

We send automatic reminders via email to your tenants about any upcoming or unpaid charges. We’ll keep reminding them until they pay, so you don’t have to.

Payment Reminder Emails Renters

Sync payments for automatic bookkeeping

Simplify your financial reporting and retire your spreadsheets with our integrated rental accounting software — built specifically for landlords. 

Rental Accounting feature previews

Rental Advertising

One-click marketing gets your listing posted across the web

Get unlimited listings for free

Fill out your rental’s details (photo, description, amenities, etc.) to build a professional listing in less than 10 minutes – or have our AI tool generate one for you. 

Marketing property listings

Post to dozens of popular renter sites

Build one listing in TurboTenant, and we’ll automatically post it to top listing sites – like Rent., Redfin, and Craigslist – with just one click. Say goodbye to one-by-one posting.

Efficiently track and manage leads

Keep record of your leads – including their contact info, where they came from, and who you already contacted – in one place (instead of scattered emails and text messages).

table / chart of leads including name, contact, date, website icon and button

Free pre-screener with every listing

Don’t waste time on leads who aren’t a good fit. See if a prospective tenant matches your rental’s criteria at a glance, allowing you to review leads even faster. Option to customize with Premium.

Prescreening renters preview

Your professional messaging app

Send messages back and forth with your leads within TurboTenant. You’ll have all your communication stored in one place.

Messaging with tenants

Simplify how you schedule showings

Set your availabilityand send a unique link to interested renters. We’ll tell you when renters book and send them reminders so they actually show up.

Showing schedule

online applications

The safest replacement for your paper and Google Form applications

Every question you need to ask – for free

Every application asks industry-standard questions, which includes a screening report covered by the tenant. Then view their responses in one easy-to-read format.

View applicants on rental application

Make your application unique

Upgrade to Premium to customize your application and add your own questions. Ask anything specific to your property.

Customize the rental application questions

Verify your gut feelings with facts

Applicants can upload copies of their driver’s license, bank statements, pay stubs, and other documents you request. Then you can confirm their self-reported income with Income Insights.

Rental application verification

Easy to fill out from anywhere

Send renters a unique link to apply to your property via text or email. They can complete the application from their computer, tablet, or phone.

Invitation to apply

Tenant Screening

Avoid post-move-in surprises and verify your gut feelings with facts

Receive your screening reports instantly

Applicants approve the screening request and verify their identity so you can see their results within minutes. Reports are a soft inquiry that don’t affect renters’ credit scores.

Rental Screening User Interface

Access an extensive credit report

Determine if renters will reliably pay rent on time when you view their credit score, outstanding loans, collections, and much more.

screening the applicant credit report

Comprehensive criminal history included

Through TransUnion, we search over 200 million criminal records during each background check to help you steer clear of problem renters.

Screening for criminal history

View past evictions to prevent future ones

With our eviction report, get detailed records of any past evictions to make an informed decision before you move a renter in.

Screening for evictions

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