What is a Mid-Term Rental? Everything You Need to Know

October 3, 2023

What is a Midterm Rental?

A midterm rental is a lease that spans between one month and about 11 months. Ideal for digital nomads, traveling nurses, and professionals seeking temporary housing, these rentals are usually fully furnished and come with specific amenities tailored to the needs of the tenants.

Key Differences in Lease Agreements

Midterm rentals require lease agreements that cater to furnished living spaces and typically include utilities. These rentals offer the convenience of a hotel with the comfort of home, allowing landlords to charge higher rents.

Including Utilities and Amenities

Utilities are usually included in midterm rentals to facilitate ease of living for tenants. Landlords should consider the target demographic to provide relevant amenities, like business centers for professionals or specific facilities for traveling nurses.

Benefits of Midterm Rentals

Landlords can benefit from higher rental income, shorter lease terms, and fewer maintenance issues. Midterm rentals also offer the potential for repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals, making them an attractive option for landlords.

Challenges and Drawbacks

Seasonality, the cost of furnishing units, and providing utilities can pose challenges. Landlords must plan financially for periods of low occupancy and ensure the rental prices cover the additional amenities offered.

Finding the Right Properties

Properties near military bases, hospitals, universities, or business hubs are ideal for midterm rentals. These locations cater to the transient nature of the tenants landlords aim to attract.

Utilizing TurboTenant for Midterm Rentals

TurboTenant assists landlords at every stage, from creating state-specific lease agreements to screening tenants. The platform facilitates rent collection, tenant communication, and document storage, simplifying the management of midterm rentals.

Amenities to Include

High-speed internet, business facilities, recreational amenities, and parking are crucial for attracting midterm renters. Tailoring amenities to the tenant demographic enhances the rental’s appeal.

Final Thoughts on Midterm Rentals

When transitioning to midterm rentals, landlords should ensure their lease agreements are comprehensive and reflective of the unique aspects of midterm letting. Paying attention to the local landlord-tenant laws and ensuring all amenities and policies are clearly outlined in the lease are key to a successful midterm rental strategy.

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