Maintenance in 2024: Secrets From the Experts

In the webinar titled “Maintenance in 2024: Secrets from the Experts,” Krista and Josh Madison, Marketing Director at Lula, guide attendees through comprehensive insights into property maintenance strategies for the year 2024. Josh, with his dual perspective as a professional in the maintenance industry and a TurboTenant user, shares valuable information covering a broad spectrum of topics crucial for landlords and property managers.

The webinar tackles five key areas:

  1. State of Maintenance in 2024: Josh provides an overview of current trends in the maintenance sector, highlighting the significant rise in repair prices due to an increase in construction material costs and labor rates. He also touches on the challenges posed by a decreasing number of contractors and the implications for property maintenance.
  2. Overlooked Maintenance Tasks: This segment focuses on essential but often neglected maintenance tasks, such as caulking, ensuring proper water drainage away from the property to prevent foundation issues, and the importance of regular maintenance of water heaters and other appliances to extend their lifespan.
  3. Educating Tenants: Josh emphasizes the importance of educating tenants on basic maintenance tasks and emergency procedures. This proactive approach can help prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems and also empowers tenants to contribute positively to the upkeep of their living space.
  4. Establishing Relationships with Vendors: The webinar stresses the value of building strong relationships with maintenance professionals. Josh shares tips on finding and retaining good contractors, including fair compensation, not micromanaging, and possibly providing materials for the jobs to ensure timely and quality maintenance work.
  5. Implementing Technology: The discussion covers the role of technology in streamlining maintenance processes. Josh introduced attendees to Maintenance Plus, a collaborative effort between TurboTenant and Lula, designed to provide landlords access to a vetted network of contractors and an efficient platform for handling maintenance requests.

Throughout the webinar, Josh and Krista engage with the audience through polls and Q&A sessions, addressing specific concerns and sharing practical advice tailored to the needs of landlords managing properties in 2024. The webinar concludes with an open forum for further questions, reinforcing the commitment to providing actionable insights and support to the landlord community.

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