Real Estate Photography Tips

September 12, 2023

Krista and Jonathan discuss essential real estate photography tips for landlords to enhance online listings. Highlighting photography’s role in making properties appear inviting, Jonathan emphasizes the importance of well-lit photos, advising to turn on all lights and avoid dark, uninviting images. He suggests practical adjustments like turning off ceiling fans to prevent unappealing blurs and closing toilet lids for a cleaner presentation. The conversation also covers avoiding Dutch angles to maintain a property’s appeal, the significance of aligning photos properly, and the common mistake of landlords appearing in their photos, recommending professional hiring if necessary.

Jonathan further advises on selecting a skilled photographer by examining their portfolio and possibly seeking testimonials, especially for long-term collaborations. They explore the timing for taking photos, furnished versus unfurnished considerations, and the potential of reusing high-quality images. The discussion extends to advanced techniques like Twilight and drone photography, tailored to properties with unique features or amenities, and the emerging utility of 360-degree cameras for comprehensive property documentation.

Concluding, they touch on the capability of smartphones for photography, the advantages of professional cameras for capturing wider room perspectives, and the overall objective of producing attractive listings to minimize vacancy periods. Jonathan’s insights aim to guide landlords in effectively presenting their properties online, leveraging photography to attract desirable tenants.

Video Transcript


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