TurboTenant vs. Apartments.com: Which Landlord Software Is Right for You?

The right landlord software makes managing your rental properties easier, more efficient, and less stressful. But with so many options on the market today, it can be intimidating to find your perfect property management tool.

In this blog, we’ll explore the three differences between TurboTenant and Apartments.com to help you decide which of these products is best suited to boost your rental business.

1) Cost​

TurboTenant and Apartments.com both offer free features, but landlords looking to scale their property management business need top-of-the-line tools to set themselves apart. That’s why pricing transparency is crucial when shopping for property management software.

TurboTenant makes it easy for landlords to understand their Premium plan pricing. For only $129/yr, you can manage an unlimited number of properties, expedite your payments, access Premium-tier support, use a comprehensive and robust Landlord Forms pack, and gain access to a host of other business-bolstering benefits.

Equally important, TurboTenant doesn’t penalize landlords for strong business growth, meaning you can expand your real estate portfolio to include however many properties you’d like and still only pay $10.75/mo for all of their Premium features.

On the other hand, Apartments.com doesn’t openly share their pricing information. Instead, they say that pricing varies by state and market, urging potential users to reach out for more details.

Not only does Apartments.com’s lack of transparency limit your ability to factor in the price of a premium subscription without speculation, but some of the most common property management software features are only available once you pay. For example, your marketing efforts will only go so far if your landlord software doesn’t share your listings across a variety of sites – and Apartments.com only offers this feature to its premium subscribers.

Avoid the mystery and frustration by choosing TurboTenant, a tool that’s transparently priced and robust enough to grow with you without surprise bills dropping along the way.

2) The Promotion of Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationships​

All too often, landlord software companies forget about half of their users: the tenants. But the health of your landlord-tenant relationship can make or break your business, so you can’t afford to make the same mistake.

Luckily, TurboTenant was designed with both landlords and tenants in mind, offering features that benefit both parties and strengthen their relationship in one fell swoop.

A good relationship starts with good communication, which is why TurboTenant offers free messaging between landlords and tenants through their platform. Not only does their messaging system serve as a time-stamped chat log, but it also allows tenants to submit maintenance requests, questions, and important documentation with ease.

Tenants who pay rent through TurboTenant also enjoy Automatic Check-ins. Upon paying their monthly rent, tenants receive a short questionnaire asking how they feel about the rental unit and if they need to submit a maintenance request. No longer do you have to be a reactive landlord; TurboTenant makes it easy to be a proactive property owner who gets ahead of issues before they spiral out of control.

To further benefit your tenants, TurboTenant offers Rent Reporting, which reports all of a renter’s on-time monthly rent payments to TransUnion. This perk helps your tenants build their credit history while further incentivizing on-time, in-full monthly rent payments.

On the other hand, Apartments.com lacks both the automatic Check-in and Rent Reporting features, though they do allow landlords and tenants to send messages relating to maintenance issues only. But your relationship is more dynamic than that!

3) Administrative Support​

The best property management software supports every part of the landlord experience, including the administrative aspects. That’s why TurboTenant proudly offers a range of features to help landlords get the most out of each rental unit without wasting time or money.

For example, TurboTenant offers state-specific leases for all 50 states. You can either purchase an individual lease agreement for $59 or subscribe to the Premium plan for $129 to unlock unlimited lease agreements and addendums along with the full Forms pack, which includes key documents like a pay or quit notice, condition report, rent increase letter, and everything else your property management business requires.

But their support doesn’t stop there. TurboTenant’s free automatic pre-screener saves you time by automatically asking every prospective tenant a set of questions to see if they’d be a good fit. After they fill out a contact form for your property, your leads will be asked to share their:

  • Contact information
  • Employment situation
  • Monthly income
  • Desired move-in date
  • Number of roommates
  • Pet information
  • Smoking information
  • Questions for you

Once your leads are qualified, they can apply to your property directly through TurboTenant with a customizable online application.

Currently, Apartments.com offers state-specific lease agreements and pre-screeners for potential tenants, however they do not offer customizable rental applications or a comprehensive forms pack. As an Apartments.com landlord, you might have to spend extra time and money creating personalized applications and forms.

You have enough on your plate — your property management software should alleviate your headaches, not push more work onto you.


If you want to grow your rental business with a robust, all-in-one property management solution, choose TurboTenant.

TurboTenant’s pricing transparency makes it possible to scale your business without breaking the bank. This platform’s attention to detail regarding the multifaceted daily landlord tasks makes it a true all-in-one landlord software solution. Plus, their dedication to the landlord-tenant relationship is unparalleled, which will set you up for success with your tenants and shorten your overall vacancy cycle.

All claims are a result of an industry-wide audit done by our in-house team. If we missed something or have provided incorrect information, please let us know at [email protected].

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