Now Available: TurboTenant Premium - All Access, All Inclusive

Whenever we talk to our 550,000+ landlords, we hear the same thing; they look to TurboTenant to organize and professionalize their rental business with a user-friendly, one-stop-shop platform. With access to dozens of resources and tools, landlords feel prepared for the twists and turns of managing their own properties.

So we asked ourselves: how can we make it even easier for you?


The Premium Plan is the all-inclusive, all-access plan made for landlords – for one subscription price of $129. Premium membership is the best value and most trusted way for you to manage your rentals all in one place, with one professional and powerful tool.

For $10.75 a month, you get everything TurboTenant has to offer to help you streamline your rental management.

What’s Included?

Enhanced Payments

  •  Get your money twice as fast (normally 5-7 days)
  •  Hook up an unlimited amount of bank accounts so your deposits go to the right place

Unlimited Access to Documents

  • Customize an unlimited number of state-specific lease agreements you need over the year (normally $59 per lease agreement)
  • E-sign an unlimited number of documents with tenants
  • Gain access to our Forms Pack, which includes items like move-in and move-out checklists and a welcome letter (normally $199)

How do I get it?

Already a TurboTenant Landlord?

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New to TurboTenant?

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Want to learn more about the nuts and bolts? Check out our help center article here.

Is TurboTenant still free?

Yes! A landlord can still use TurboTenant to manage their rental business for free.

Here is what available free to all landlords;

Fill your Vacancies

  • Market your property online
  • Manage your leads in one place
  • Receive comprehensive applications and screening reports

Manage your Tenants

  • Collect rent online, professionally and efficiently
  • Manage maintenance requests
  • Automate tenant check-ins

Stay Organized

  • Keep track of your expenses and any offline rent payments
  • Store and manage property and lease documents
  • Keep tenant information and messaging in one spot


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