New at TurboTenant: December 2022

Landlord Toolbox, Updated Accounting Pricing, and Enhanced Rental Applications

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We made several improvements to TurboTenant the past few months to incorporate some highly requested features.

In case you missed it…

  • You have access to a network of real estate partners and essential landlording tools.
  • You’ll find a new (more affordable) price on integrated accounting heading into tax season.
  • Online rental applications got a makeover, and you can now customize them even more to best suit your requirements.

Learn more below about how we’ve included even more small-but-powerful ways to simplify how you self-manage your rental business.

New Landlord Toolbox and Resources

TurboTenant landlords now have access to a new toolbox — and no, it’s not the kind with your wrench and screwdriver.

So, what’s in it? A list of our trusted partners; more information on our exclusive Premium plan; and virtual calculators to help you strategize for your rental business.

Quickly find services for landlord insurance and same-day LLC filing. Or, join the waitlist for services in the pipeline, including:

  • Local directory for maintenance vendors
  • Quotes for property tax savings reports
  • Instant cash offers for your property
  • And more!

Get Integrated Accounting Software for Less

‘Tis the season to celebrate the holidays. However, come January, the season will call for tax preparation.

Give yourself a head start and combine the two by gifting yourself landlord accounting software.

Even better: Now TurboTenant users get 50% off their first two months of their REI Hub subscription. 

Benefits include:

  • Access to one-click tax packets with everything you (or your accountant) need to file.
  • Automatically categorized transactions to easily track insurance payments, maintenance, etc.
  • Better informed investment decisions with downloadable P&L statements, Schedule E reports, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Learn what you can deduct from your taxable income as an independent landlord in this blog.

Enhanced Rental Applications and Customization

Revamped Applications for Your Renters

Rental applications are smoother, faster, and more mobile-friendly than ever before. The goal? To provide your renters with the best experience so you can make the best pick.

To help with your decision, there are some new questions on the application.

One asks renters for their previous rent or mortgage amounts (optional), the other asks for the total number of occupants expected to live in your property.

Finally, your renters aren’t the only ones getting an impressive redesign; applications have a new look in your account as well. Each section has been modernized for easy reading so you can find exactly what you need to know about the tenant.

Better Customization than Before

Did you know you can customize your online application by adding up to 4 of your own questions?

You can also choose what background questions to ask based on your property’s local laws.

Background questions are common and expected in most applications, specifically as they relate to evictions, financials, criminal offenses, and bankruptcy. However, depending on your rental’s location, you may have local restrictions on what you can ask.

If your property is located in any of the following states, counties, or cities, you may want to look into what background questions you can legally ask potential tenants and how to best customize your TurboTenant application:

Upgrade Your Rental Process Today

TurboTenant is committed to providing our landlords with the best landlord software on the market, which is why we’re constantly releasing new features that our customers specifically ask for.

If you’re already a user, enjoy these new features immediately by logging into your account. If you’re new to TurboTenant, it’s easy to get started for free.


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