Stessa vs. TurboTenant: Which Landlord Software is Right for You?

Gone are the days of self-managing your rental property with outdated spreadsheets, tracking down cash or check rent payments, leases stored in Google Docs, and all the other pain points of property management. The rise of software solutions to self-manage your rentals have simplified the lives of landlords and made it easier than ever to own and manage rental properties. However, there are so many available software solutions to choose from – how can you be sure that you’re going with the best choice for your business?

To make this impactful decision easier, we’ve compiled the key differences between TurboTenant and Stessa. Keep reading for more.

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1) Comprehensive Rental Marketing

To maintain a steady cash flow and protect your rental property, it’s absolutely essential to get qualified tenants into your rental as soon as possible. So how do you find great tenants fast? The first step is to market your property online across the most popular platforms with a quality rental listing. Arguably, the most valuable feature any landlord software can offer is the ability to get your rental listing in front of interested leads.

TurboTenant syndicates to over 50 of the most popular marketing sites such as, Redifin, Craigslist, and more. On average, landlords receive 28 leads per TurboTenant listing, and are generally able to find a qualified renter in less than 20 days.

Plus, TurboTenant has gone one step further to streamline rental marketing by offering an AI Property Listing Description feature, which generates a unique listing title and description in under 5 seconds. Their free marketing tools don’t stop there. TurboTenant also offers a surplus of educational resources to assist you with marketing your property, plus live tips and tricks while creating your listing.

Stessa does not offer any marketing features to advertise your rental listing online, help you generate a creative listing, nor to syndicate your property to any popular rental listing sites. If you decide to manage your rental through Stessa, you’ll have to turn to another software to advertise your property online.

2) Cost

The pricing structure of your chosen landlord software will have the most direct impact on your rental business profits, so you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

TurboTenant offers a Premium subscription, but there’s also a free version for an easy way to immediately begin managing your properties without any financial commitment. Under the free subscription, TurboTenant landlords can market their property, collect rent, manage leads, screen tenants, track expenses, and use other helpful property management tools.

TurboTenant’s Premium subscription, which comes out to just $129/year for an unlimited number of doors, offers all the basic and bonus property management tools you’ll need to smoothly manage your rental, including:

  • Connecting an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Expedited rent payouts
  • Automatic income insights to verify a potential tenant’s income
  • Unlimited state-specific lease agreements
  • Lease addendums
  • E-signatures
  • The complete landlords form pack
  • Custom pre-screener and application questions
  • Lower application fees for renters

Stessa offers three pricing tiers, each one offering a portion of their full suite of features. To have the option to upload unlimited portfolios, access advanced reports, and unlock priority phone support, you’ll have to upgrade to Stessa’s Pro subscription, which comes out to $420/year.

Stessa has a free subscription that offers their core features such as tenant screening, rent collection, and basic finance reports. They also offer a medium tier for $180/year called Manage that unlocks priority chat support, Schedule E reports, and one eSignature per month. The Pro subscription offers the most comprehensive features, but still only offers seven eSignatures per month and lacks the ability for you to syndicate your rental listing.

3) Administrative Assistance

The never-ending administrative tasks of a landlord can be daunting and time-consuming, unless you’re using a great landlord software solution. TurboTenant simplifies daily administrative tasks such as crafting state-specific lease agreements, checking in with tenants, and streamlining maintenance requests and condition reports. TurboTenant’s rental application is also customizable to further personalize and accelerate your applicant search.

On the other hand, Stessa does provide state-specific lease agreements, tenant check-ins, maintenance management, condition reports, or a customizable rental application. As a Stessa landlord, you’ll have to source your own state-specific lease agreement, which can be costly, and build your own external processes for maintenance requests, tenant check-ins, condition reports, and custom rental application questions.

Landlord software is made to simplify your day-to-day management tasks, not make them more difficult. Don’t overcomplicate your online self-management with a product that lacks important features to support your administrative responsibilities.


For a true all-in-one property management solution made by landlords for landlords, manage your rentals on TurboTenant instead of Stessa.

TurboTenant helps you get your rental in front of thousands of qualified potential tenants, filling your vacancies quicker and without much time or effort from you. TurboTenant’s software focuses on affordability, so your rental business isn’t impacted financially when you choose to simplify your rental management online. As a TurboTenant landlord, you’ll be able to spend less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time with your loved ones, picking up a new hobby, or searching for your next investment.

All claims are a result of an industry-wide audit done by our in-house team. If we missed something or have provided incorrect information, please let us know at [email protected].

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