State of the Rental Industry 2022


The American rental market has rarely been as competitive as it stands currently. According to research from RentCafe, 14 renters competed for one lease on average throughout the first half of 2022, spurred on by the fact that 95.5% of rentals were occupied during this same period. With a mere 0.7% increase in inventory, renters are feeling the burn.

Data Dip

of landlords received 100% of the rent owed to them across the first half of 2022.
0 %
of landlords are not planning to invest in more properties this year.
0 %
of landlords had no real estate experience before purchasing their first property.
0 %

On average, landlords rated their tenants as

0 /5
of tenants were highly likely to recommend their landlord to friends.
0 %

Here at TurboTenant, we’ve been surveying our landlords and tenants alike to understand how this ultra-hot market is impacting them month over month. According to the Pew Research Center, most landlords are individuals who own just a few units with the number of individual investors sitting at 14.1 million – and the independent landlord, also known as mom and pop landlords, was the main participant in our surveys. Over the first half of 2022, we sent a total of eight surveys to our audience, garnering over 4,000 responses. Our findings for the first half of this year are summarized below.

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