TurboTenant’s Rent Payments

The video features Samantha and Krista from TurboTenant’s education and community team, along with Adrian, the principal product manager responsible for rent payments at TurboTenant. The session is designed to demonstrate and discuss the rent payment process within TurboTenant’s platform.

Key Discussion Points and Demonstrations Include:

  • Introduction to Rent Payments: The team emphasizes the importance of setting up rent payments early, highlighting the flexibility to customize according to a landlord’s situation, including the ability to skip steps if rent amounts or security deposits haven’t been decided yet.
  • Setting Up Rent Payments: Samantha walks through initiating rent payment setup, including adding monthly charges, security deposits, and enabling automatic late fees. The process involves specifying the charge amount, due dates, and the charges’ recurrence, showcasing TurboTenant’s user-friendly interface.
  • Bank Account Linking: The demonstration covers linking a landlord’s bank account for rent collection. Adrian explains the necessity of personal information like social security numbers for security checks to ensure the transaction’s authenticity.
  • Tenant Perspective: From the tenant’s side, the process for viewing charges, making payments, and setting up auto-pay is showcased. Adrian clarifies tenant bank account verification, emphasizing security measures to prevent failed payments due to insufficient funds.
  • Recording Offline Payments: The video also touches on how landlords can record offline payments, such as checks, within the platform, providing flexibility in payment methods while keeping the system updated.
  • Boosting Credit with Rent Payments: A notable feature for tenants is the ability to enroll in rent payment reporting to credit bureaus like TransUnion and Equifax, aiding in building or improving their credit scores based on their rent payment history.
  • Landlord Dashboard Insights: For landlords, the platform offers comprehensive insights into payment statuses, including pending verification, amount due, and successful setup completion. Advanced features like viewing tenants’ payment methods and managing multiple bank accounts are highlighted, stressing the premium plan’s benefits.
  • Understanding Deposits and Withdrawals: Adrian explains the deposit timeline and the upcoming features like entity management and instant payouts aimed at giving landlords more flexibility and control over their finances.
  • Feedback and Interaction: The session underscores TurboTenant’s commitment to incorporating user feedback into their platform’s improvements, showing a responsive and evolving service.
  • Contact and Support: Adrian provides his direct contact and encourages feedback, while the team shares additional resources and support options available through TurboTenant including a help center, onboarding courses, and direct support channels.

Throughout the session, the friendly banter, including opinions on pineapple on pizza, creates an engaging atmosphere. The video serves as a comprehensive guide for both new and existing TurboTenant users on effectively managing rent payments, offering insights into both the landlord’s and tenant’s perspectives within the platform.

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