New Statements from the White House about Landlord Laws

August 22, 2023

Krista and Seamus engaged in a detailed discussion concerning a recent White House statement regarding the residential rental industry, specifically addressing potential impacts on landlords. Krista reassured Seamus that the statement doesn’t significantly shift the landscape for landlords but reaffirms practices in tenant screening and rights, especially concerning Section 8 landlords.

The key points discussed were:

  1. Accuracy in Tenant Screening Reports: This applies universally to all landlords. The focus is on ensuring that tenant screening reports are accurate, a crucial element in evaluating potential tenants. Landlords are reminded of the importance of sending an adverse notice to tenants if their application is denied based on these reports. This process, which TurboTenant facilitates for its users, empowers applicants to seek corrections on inaccuracies in their reports.
  2. Eviction Timelines for Section 8 Tenants: The White House proposes to standardize a minimum 30-day eviction notice for tenants under Section 8 or similar programs. This move aims to provide tenants with adequate time to address issues such as unpaid rent, thereby potentially avoiding eviction.
  3. Funding for Tenant Outreach and Education: An investment of $10 million is designated for enhancing tenant education and outreach, particularly benefiting those in publicly funded affordable housing programs. This initiative seeks to improve landlord-tenant relationships by ensuring tenants are well-informed.

Krista emphasized that these focuses aim to codify best practices rather than introduce radical changes. They also highlighted the process the statement must undergo before becoming law, reassuring listeners that the current impact is minimal. For landlords concerned about navigating these updates, Krista promised ongoing updates through TurboTenant’s channels, encouraging the community to stay informed on legislative developments related to the rental industry.

Video Transcript


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