What To Look For In An Online Rental Application

Blog - What To Look For In An Online Rental Application

In a previous post about online rental applications, we discussed why you need to start using an online rental application form as opposed to the old-fashioned paper version. Once you become aware of the ease of using an online application form, and you decide to switch over to this more organized method of accepting applicants, you will need to determine what you want from the online application form.

Not all online rental applications are designed the same, and some features are more necessary than others. Do you know what makes the best online rental application? Find out below and check out the unique features free online rental applications can provide.

1. Easy To Use On Mobile Devices

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for applicants to be able to fill out your application on mobile devices. According to a press release by StatCounter, 2016 saw the first-ever month where mobile and tablet internet usage exceeded desktop usage worldwide.

In our increasingly mobile world, ensuring applications can be filled out quickly and easily on a mobile device will help make your property attractive to potential renters. This is particularly helpful in competitive rental markets where you need something to help your property stand out. Letting your potential tenants know they can fill out an application easily, on any device, will be a huge selling point.

2. Asks For Enough History

Although your goal might be to get someone into your property as quickly as possible, your goal actually should be to acquire a high-quality, long-term tenant that will pay rent on time and not cause you headaches. One of the best ways to ensure you are screening tenants properly is to garner enough information through the application process.

A good online rental application should ask for important, verifiable facts about the applicant.

3. Provides A Secure Experience

When you are asking applicants for personal information, it is critical that this information is kept secure. This is where online rental applications are actually superior to paper applications. Paper applications can easily be misplaced or not destroyed properly. This can lead to a compromise of applicant’s data.

While an online rental application can help mitigate this program it is important to note that when you opt for an online rental application, you need to make sure it is a reputable company operating with bank-grade security in place. This security will ensure both you and the applicants are protected against identity theft and scams.

4. Allows For Customization

Most tenant rental applications will already include most of the important information you need to screen potential tenants. However, it is best to opt for a tenant application form that is customizable. Sometimes you will need more information than a standard form provides.

In order to make your life easier, choose a company that will allow you to add in questions that you already know you need answering. This will simplify your life and prevent you from wasting time reaching out to potential applicants to get answers to questions that were not on the original form.

5. Automatically Integrates With Tenant Screening

Although the online rental application will allow you to glean important information from potential applicants, the final touch will be found in a thorough tenant screening process. Opt for an online rental application that is already built to integrate with tenant screening services. This will save you both time and money as you avoid the hassle of yet another step.

When you use an online rental application that is integrated with a screening service, make sure you will be able to access a credit report, criminal background check, and evictions report. Using online landlord software that integrates all of this will safeguard the applicant’s personal information and save you from the hassles and risks associated with handling the screening on your own.

6. Doesn’t Cost You

While each of these features is important, it is also worth noting that you can wind up spending more money than it is worth on online rental application features. The best method is to avoid the cost altogether. Choose a free online rental application, but don’t forget to look down the road at what steps are next and determine how much they will cost you.

An Online Rental Application Designed By Landlords For Landlords

Here at TurboTenant, we are passionate about the online landlord software we provide. We have carefully designed our online rental application to meet the real-life needs of landlords. As landlords ourselves, we understand how important each of the above features is and we also understand the need for these services to be free. Although it may seem impossible, we truly provide all of the services listed above for zero cost to landlords. Our goal is to help you develop a faster, easier process for filling your rental vacancies without sacrificing the process of proper tenant applications and screening.

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