Marijuana and Your RentalMarijuana and Your Rental webinar


With 70% of Americans in favor of legalizing marijuana, landlords can’t afford to ignore the implications for their rentals. In this hour-long presentation, we

…Self-Directed IRAsSelf-directed IRA webinar title card


Brendan Walsh from Rocket Dollar answers your self-directed IRA questions, including:

  • How to access alternative retirement options
  • The most effective way to retain rental
…Tenant Screening in 2024Tenant Screening in 2024 webinar cover photo


Finding a great tenant is a science. This TurboTenant webinar breaks down the best practices all landlords should use to secure tenants who pay

…The Fair Housing Act: What Landlords Must Know!


Confused about the Fair Housing Act? Join rental property experts Samantha and Krista as they break down this critical law in a friendly and

…Legal Compliance for Landlords: From ADA to ESANot knowing the law can cost you thousands of dollars - and tank your rental property management business.


In this webinar, Krista and Chris Smith, an ADA coordinator and landlord, delve into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Emotional Support Animals (ESAs),

…5 Secrets of Real Estate Investment Goal Setting5 Secrets of Real Estate Investment Goal Setting Webinar thumbnail. White text onscreen spells out the title and the date of the session, which was 1/25/24. In the background, two people look at a property.


This comprehensive webinar offers a deep dive into the essentials of goal setting for real estate investment, aiming to provide investors with the tools

…Maintenance in 2024: Secrets From the ExpertsMaintenance in 2024 thumbnail


In the webinar titled “Maintenance in 2024: Secrets from the Experts,” Krista and Josh Matteson, Marketing Director at Lula, guide attendees through comprehensive insights

…Rental Fraud and Scam PreventionRental Fraud and Scam Prevention webinar title screen


In our latest webinar, we delved into the pressing issue of rental fraud and scam prevention, providing landlords with essential knowledge and tools to

…Lease Breaking: A Guide for LandlordsLease breaking first image

In this comprehensive webinar, hosted by Krista Reuther, landlords are guided through the complexities of lease breaks and evictions. The session focuses on helping landlords

…How to Buy Your First HomeHow to buy your first home webinar

Join Krista Reuther along with Realtors Joe and Kathryn Seehusen from Colorado Home Realty for a comprehensive webinar focused on purchasing your first home. This

…Establishing Your Legacy: Estate Planning for LandlordsEstablishing Your Legacy: Estate Planning for Landlords

Key Takeaways

  • Establishing a Legacy: Emphasizing the importance of legacy building for landlords and real estate investors, highlighting asset protection, insurance, and estate planning as
…Perfect Your Rental Property Management SystemPerfect Your Rental Property Management System

In this webinar, hosts Krista Reuther and Samantha Yadav offer guidance to independent landlords on how to build and manage a successful rental business, focusing