Stop Marketing

Easily halt online marketing for your TurboTenant rental once a tenant is found or ad is unwanted, with the choice to keep accepting applications.


Easily qualify renters with our automated prescreening questionnaire or initiate it manually, so you find the best qualified applicants for your rental.

Peek at the Tenant Portal

TurboTenant provides tenants with a convenient portal for efficient property management and communication.

Archive (Unqualified)

Manage unqualified renters and availability mismatches easily by archiving leads. Keep track of decisions and notify applicants efficiently.


Enhance your rental property accounting with REI Hub integration. Automate rent payments tracking and manage expenses with ease.

Get Started: The Landlord Portal Dashboard

TurboTenant: Your all-in-one solution for rental management. Learn to use the landlord portal, whether on desktop or mobile, to streamline your rental processes.

Document Uploading & Sharing

Easily manage lease documents in TurboTenant. Upload, title, and choose whether to share them with tenants or keep them private.

Multiple Units at One Property and Room Rentals

Easily manage multiple rental units at one location by duplicating property profiles on TurboTenant. Keep everything organized and save time.

Tenant Portal: Renters Insurance

Tenants can easily upload renter’s insurance policies or purchase coverage through TurboTenant’s partner, Shore, in just a few minutes.

Maintenance Requests

Renters can easily submit maintenance requests, provide details, and even attach photos through their tenant portal for efficient property management.

Marketing FAQs

Discover why TurboTenant’s marketing is popular among landlords, find your listing on third-party sites, extend marketing for free, and set the right security deposit.

Add Your First Property

Start managing your rentals on TurboTenant by adding your first property. We guide you through the process to keep everything organized.