TurboTenant vs. Innago: Which Landlord Software is Right for You?

Effective landlord software can take your rental business to new heights by simplifying your daily administrative tasks and the lives of your tenants. However, with so many available software solutions options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to leverage in your unique business.

To make this impactful decision a bit easier, we’ve compiled the main differences between TurboTenant and Innago. Keep reading for more.

1) Administrative Assistance

The best part about upgrading your rental self-management business with a landlord software platform is that you no longer have to worry about administrative tasks – if you’re choosing the right solution. TurboTenant simplifies all your daily administrative tasks such as creating state-specific lease agreements and checking in with tenants. TurboTenant offers all  state-specific lease agreement templates for every state, 32 landlord forms, and automatic tenant check-ins. TurboTenant also provides a customizable rental application to send to prospective tenants.

On the other hand, Innago does provide state-specific lease agreements, but a limited number of landlord forms, no ability to automatically check-in with tenants, and no customizable rental application. Without these features, you will have to spend extra time and money creating compliant lease agreements, other documents, and touching base with your tenants manually.

Landlord software solutions are important because they make your life easier and they simplify your management. Don’t overcomplicate your digital self-management by committing to a software that lacks the most essential administrative features.

2) Accounting

Accounting is one of the least fun aspects of landlording, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through documentation and tax season. Robust landlord software solutions will provide you with easy ways to record expenses, categorize transactions, view your cash flow stats, and streamline tax season.

TurboTenant partners with REIHub, which is an accounting software specifically designed for rental property owners. For your first 2 months of REIHub with one property, you’ll just pay $3.75/month. REIHub is affordable and tailored specifically to your business. Not only will they put your accounting on auto-pilot, but they’ll go as far to help you find the appropriate tax deductions to protect your bottom line. Check out the full features and pricing structure.

Innago provides integration with QuickBooks, which is a general accounting software for small business owners. QuickBooks has multiple pricing tiers, with their most simple plan starting at $30/month. While QuickBooks is a popular solution for small businesses, it is not fully equipped to provide all relevant features specific to real estate investors.

Make accounting less of a headache by choosing an affordable and trustworthy solution.

3) Comprehensive Rental Marketing

Filling vacancies with quality tenants is the gold standard solution for protecting your investment as a landlord. To get qualified tenants in your unit, you’ll have to market your property on popular platforms across the internet with a quality rental listing. Comprehensive marketing features are a huge benefit to switching to a landlord software solution.

TurboTenant syndicates to over 50 of the most popular marketing sites such as Apartments.com, Redfin, Homes.com, and more. On average, landlords receive 28 leads per TurboTenant listing, and are able to find a qualified tenant in less than 30 days. Plus, TurboTenant has further simplified marketing for landlords by releasing an AI Property Listing Description feature. In addition to their available tips and tricks to assist you with marketing your property, their new AI feature will curate a unique and attractive listing title and description for you in less than five seconds.

Innago also offers marketing, but only syndicates to about 20 platforms according to their last account. Innago also provides education on tips to market your rental property, but currently does not have any feature to further automate your marketing efforts.

The more features to help your rental property marketing efforts, the better. Make sure you feel confident in your marketing strategy by choosing a platform that supports your goal to secure good tenants quickly.


For a true all-in-one property management solution made by landlords, for landlords, choose TurboTenant instead of Innago.

TurboTenant takes the tedious and expensive administrative tasks off your hands so you can have more time to spend with your loved ones and continue to scale your business. TurboTenant’s partnership with REIHub uniquely streamlines your rental property accounting for a lower cost than QuickBooks. In addition, taking advantage of a large network of marketing syndication platforms and advanced AI features to simplify your life as a landlord is always a plus, and TurboTenant’s dedication to educating you how to be a better landlord to your tenants and a better investor in your life will only help you accelerate the growth of your rental business


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