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Rental Property Calculator

Calculate cash flow, cap rate and other important indicators to determine a property’s ROI.

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Rent-to-Income Ratio Calculator

Not sure how much rent a tenant can afford? Easily calculate the range with our rent-to-income ratio calculator. 

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Rent Payment Tracker Spreadsheet

 Keep track of all of your rent payments and fees with our free rent payments tracking spreadsheet.

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Move-In Prorated Rent Calculator

Not moving in on the first? Easily calculate the prorated rent amount for a specific move-in date. 

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Move-Out Prorated Rent Calculator

Not moving out exactly at the end of the month? Easily calculate the prorated rent amount for a move-out date.

Your one-stop shop for finding and managing tenants

Whether you have one or 1,000 doors, use TurboTenant’s intuitive toolset to streamline your entire process for free.

Build a listing in less than 10 minutes, then push it across the web to collect high-intent leads.

Gain insight into potential tenants’ rental, financial, criminal, and eviction history — for $0 on your end.

Get easy tracking, automatic reminders and late fees, accounting, and autopay. Free for landlords.


Landlord Resources and Tips

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renter filling out a portable tenant screening report and paying for it online

Portable Tenant Screening Report: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the benefits and considerations of Portable Tenant Screening Reports (PTSRs), which offer a cost-effective, reusable screening option for tenants and require landlords in certain states to navigate new legislative landscapes efficiently.

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