TurboTenant Pays Your Rent

Landlords Helping Renters

Be a hero to your renters and let TurboTenant pay a month of their rent. Your property still cash flows with a great tenant and your tenant gets a month of breathing room – it’s a win win!

Make the Magic Happen

On the third Thursday of every month, the TurboTeam will choose one entry and pay that renter’s upcoming monthly rent amount in full.

To qualify, the renter must have paid at least one month’s rent through TurboTenant and their total monthly rent must not exceed $3500.

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A Rent-Free Month

Great landlords are sympathetic to their renters’ hardships and help out where they can.

If your tenant’s having a hard time paying rent, we want to pick up the bill.

Nominate your renter below and tell us why they deserve a helping hand.

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