State Specific Lease Agreements

Good news! Landlords in every state can use TurboTenant to build, sign, and store their custom, state-specific lease agreements.

When we learned that landlords were recycling older paper leases and printing off PDFs, we realized we could help. Our rental lease agreements integrate with your applications, rent payments, and property details to create a seamless landlord experience.

We’ve been researching and building state-specific lease agreements to make it simple for you to hop in and customize your lease in 15 minutes or less.

An ironclad lease agreement is one of the most essential elements of property management, and our easy-to-use rental agreements take all of the guesswork out of the process.

Take a Look at the Best Customizable Lease Agreements For Your Rental Property!

Why use TurboTenant for your next lease agreement?

  1. TurboTenant is faster & easier
    “I wanted something that I could get to the tenant the same day. I built the lease in 15 minutes, and the tenant was thrilled.”
    – Haluk K., 3 Properties, CA
  2. TurboTenant keeps it all in one place
    “The information from the tenant was all in [the lease] from the application. It felt like magic.”
    – Martin G., 15 Units, TX
  3. TurboTenant gives you peace of mind
    “I’m used to renting in Wisconsin, so I knew I needed something vetted when I came to Colorado. TurboTenant walked me through the process, and the free e-sign was a bonus!”
    – Bill E., 1 Property, CO

Lease Agreement Interface Image

Customize Your Next State-Specific Lease Agreement

You’ve found the perfect tenant, so now it’s time to set up your state-specific rental lease agreement. Create it directly in your TurboTenant account so you can keep everything in one place, including e-signatures!

Streamline Your Rental Property Management
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