Our new rent payments dashboard will simplify your landlord experience.

Put Your Rent Collection on Autopilot

New Features to Make Rent Collection Better Than Ever

Are you still cutting checks to pay your mortgage – or using Paypal? Of course not.

Mortgage servicers simplified their collection processes and received more on-time payments by investing in software.

We thought it was only fair for you to get the same benefits for your rent.

So, we’ve been working to build the same tools for you. The difference? Mortgage servicers footed the bill for a better collection process. You get it for free.

Your “passive income” just got more passive. Learn more about the new Rent Payments features from TurboTenant below.

Automatic Late Fees: Another Thing to Stop Worrying About

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No more calendar reminders, unpleasant tenant conversations, or closely monitoring your mailbox or Venmo.

You tell us about your late fee – when to charge it, and how much – and we’ll automatically send the late fee and notify your tenant for you.

Of course, we’ll keep you in the loop, so you can take action when needed. And you can rest assured that when you roll up your sleeves, the tenant has received all the communication they need to understand why you’re reaching out.

Learn more about automatic late fees »

Autopay: A Better Way For Tenants to Pay

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35% to 61% of consumers have at least one bill set to autopay. 

Why? Because people trust software more than their memory. 

Now your tenants can put their rent on autopilot too. More convenient for them. And more on-time payments for you. Because cash flow’s important, right?

Trust us: You’re going to like the feeling you get once you move in a great tenant and they check that little autopay box. It feels like an entire year of on-time rent payments. 

If you’d prefer tenants not turn on autopay, you can turn off that option. 

Learn more about autopay »

The Payments Dashboard: Clear Insights for Your Portfolio

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Whether you’ve got big plans, or you’re already managing a real estate empire, it shouldn’t be a chore to understand where you stand financially.

After interviewing dozens of landlords using Rent Payments through TurboTenant, we totally refreshed the experience. We call it: “The Payments Dashboard.”

Your past due charges? The total is right here. Want a breakdown of what each tenant has paid, with links to send them a message? It’s one click away. 

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We even detail the money in transit to your bank account, and when we expect it to deposit.

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Want to see the exact deposit you got two months ago from that property in the town over? That’s easy – we built new filtering mechanisms.

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And don’t worry, you can still view the Charges tab and do everything else you could before – that’s right where you left it. 

Learn more about the new dashboard »

Rent Reporting: A Little Something For Your Tenants

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Tenants paying their rent every month on time are more creditworthy than those who don’t. So why – for the past 30 years – have rent payments not been factored into consumer credit history? 

Services exist today that renters can pay for. Rent reporting services like this call landlords to verify that rent is paid, and then they turn around and report that information to credit agencies. 

Because we automatically verify on-time payments, we don’t have to call you in order to report your tenants’ on-time payments. They automatically build their credit every time they pay you through TurboTenant. 

Learn more about rent reporting »

Upgrade Your Payment System

So there you have it! A free professional rent collection system you can set on autopilot. 

If you’re already set up, enjoy the new features immediately! If you’re not set up for rent payments, you can get started below. 

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