Partnership Announcement: TurboTenant and Updater

TurboTenant, a top landlord software company, and Updater, the leading relocation technology platform powering more than 25% of household moves in the U.S., recently announced a strategic partnership that will connect real estate investors and their tenants with efficient, innovative moving technology.

The new partnership allows TurboTenant renters to easily complete moving-related tasks, like setting up internet and TV service and more, without leaving TurboTenant. Updater’s technology will make it seamless for residents moving in or out to check more off their moving checklist — all within TurboTenant.

The partnership highlights both companies’ desire to make the moving process as efficient and hassle-free as possible. It also serves as an opportunity for TurboTenant and Updater to join forces to support small-scale, local real estate investors and their tenants.

What does TurboTenant do?

TurboTenant aims to empower independent landlords to create welcoming rental experiences through positive interactions with their tenants. It has been recognized as one of the fastest- growing companies in the U.S — and the fastest in the independent landlord space.

With its all-in-one software, landlords can easily self-manage their rental business with TurboTenant from beginning to end. Features include rental advertising, online applications and screening reports, online rent collection, customizable lease agreements, and tools for renter management.

Renters can utilize TurboTenant’s platform to submit an application, pay rent, communicate with their landlord, and now, book their moving services. Learn more at

What does Updater do?

Updater is the go-to destination to conquer your move — both renters and homeowners can access one, easy-to-use app to organize and complete all moving-related tasks. The Updater app is designed to simplify the moving experience from start to finish — from booking movers, to forwarding mail, to connecting internet and utilities, and more.

Updater was started in 2010 with a vision to transform the painful and complex process of moving into a frictionless and delightful online experience. Its partnership with TurboTenant allows the company to bring that frictionless experience into our own tools to benefit landlords nationwide.

Learn more at

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