Partnership Announcement: TurboTenant and HireAHelper

Positive moving experiences make for happier tenants — and that’s the basis of TurboTenant and HireAHelper’s new partnership.

TurboTenant and HireAHelper recently entered a strategic partnership that helps make moving services more streamlined and efficient for the tenants of DIY landlords. The partnership connects the qualified tenants of small landlords with reliable, top-rated movers through an easy-to-use price-aggregating platform.

TurboTenant is excited to expand our service offerings and provide additional support for renters, who make up over over 1.3 million users on our platform!

What does the partnership entail?

When an interested renter submits their application or a future tenant signs their lease through TurboTenant, they’ll be connected to HireAHelper’s online marketplace to find the most affordable, timely moving services that fits their needs.

What does TurboTenant do?

TurboTenant aims to empower independent landlords to create welcoming rental experiences through positive interactions with their tenants. It has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S — and the fastest in the independent landlord space.

With its all-in-one software, landlords can easily self-manage their rental business with TurboTenant from beginning to end. Features include rental advertising, online applications and screening reports, online rent collection, customizable lease agreements, and tools for renter management.

Renters can utilize TurboTenant’s platform to submit an application, pay rent, communicate with their landlord, and now, book their moving services. Learn more at

What does HireAHelper do?

HireAHelper is an online marketplace that lets renters book vetted, professional movers to pack, load, and haul their goods to their new home.

It was the top organization on’s 2022 list of the best moving labor companies, and unlike its competitors, HireAHelper uses professional contractors and is one of the only companies in its vertical with a customer service line. Learn more at

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