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Most real estate investors dread accounting. Filing receipts, manually inputting transactions, fighting to gain visibility into profitability, reformatting things at an accountant’s request… It’s no fun, and mistakes are costly.

While giant rental investment companies and property managers have built their own software, landlords are forced to choose between two unpleasant options: building their own work-intensive spreadsheet system, or using the same software that dog groomers, food trucks, and plumbers use. And plumbers don’t track cash-on-cash returns.

That’s why we partnered with REI Hub – so you can easily sync their landlord accounting software with your TurboTenant Account. 

Less Time Accounting, More Time Investing

Image displays the dashboard and example Schedule E Report of REI Hub's rental accounting tool

You’ve got a portfolio to think about, and you need the insights that thorough accounting can provide.

Save yourself the time and headache with an automatic flow of data straight from TurboTenant and your bank.

When you log in every month to review your rentals’ performance, the work will already be done – allowing you to get straight to the reports you need.

Tailor-made for Landlords and Their Accountants

Image displays REI Hub's Net Income feature within the integrated accounting tool

Accounting for a rental business is hard. First, you have to track your cash flow and income. But then the IRS also wants to know more about the investment and how your asset values change over time.

That’s why other software tools are difficult to make work and why spreadsheets are so labor intensive. A savvy real estate investor needs a real estate solution.

Once your REI Hub account is set up, you can immediately generate tailored reports with one click. Plus, you can quickly generate and download Schedule E forms come tax season.

Adapts to Your Rental Business

Image shows expenses feature of integrated accounting tool from REI Hub

You might say: “Sure, my spreadsheet takes a while to update and get reports from, but at least it’s set up the way I want.”

REI Hub works for you, too.

However many bank accounts you use, this accounting tool connects them all and associates them with the right properties. All financial information will be tracked and reported on at the unit, property, and portfolio levels.

Want to categorize your expenses in your own way? REI Hub can do that, too. You can even customize rules to categorize specific transactions each month so you don’t have to manually assign them. Think of the hours you’ll save!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

We are now offering REI Hub subscriptions with TurboTenant integration included.

With each subscription, TurboTenant automatically sends property details and rent payments to REI Hub –  so you can get started immediately.

Pricing is $15/mo for your first property and then $5/mo per property after that. The price is capped at $85/mo (the price of 15 properties). Users with more than 15 properties will not pay more than $85 per month. 

Want to test it out first? Try out a free demo account and explore REI Hub’s accounting tool for yourself. 

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