Now Available: Louisiana, Maryland, and Minnesota Lease Agreements

Good news!

Landlords in three new states can use TurboTenant to build, sign, and store their custom lease agreement.

When we learned that landlords were recycling older paper leases or downloading PDFs online, we realized we could help. Our lease agreements integrate with your applications, your rent payments, and your property details for one seamless landlord experience.

Why TurboTenant for your next lease agreement?

TurboTenant is faster & easier
“I wanted something that I could get to the tenant the same day. I built the lease in 15 minutes and the tenant was thrilled.”
– Haluk K., 3 Properties, CA

We’ll keep it all in one place
“The information from the tenant was all in there from the application. It felt like magic.”
– Martin G., 15 Units, TX

TurboTenant give you peace of mind
“I’m used to renting in Wisconsin, so when I came to Colorado I knew I needed something vetted. TurboTenant walked me through the process, and the free e-sign was a bonus”
– Bill E., 1 Property, CO

Curious about state specific laws about leases?


  • Louisiana has easy to understand laws around security deposits:
    • there is no maximum amount,
    • no special laws related to interest or special banking,
    • and the deposit must be returned within 30 days.
  • If included with a lease, a waiver allows for the termination of the lessee’s right of occupation for any reason. No notice required.


  • Because Maryland requires security deposits be returned to tenants with interest, money must be in a separate bank account.
  • In the rental agreement, Maryland landlords also must provide a receipt to tenants for the security deposit and a list of tenant rights.
  • Landlords cannot charge more than a 5% late fee; there is no required grace period for late fees.


  • Landlords are required to provide a copy of the rental agreement. Proof of receipt by tenant is recommended.
  • There is no limit to the amount of the security deposit.
  • A prospective tenant who provides materially false information on the application or omits material information requested is liable to the landlord for damages, plus a civil penalty of up to $500, civil court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Where TurboTenant Leases are Available:


For further questions on how to set up your lease agreement, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected].


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