How TurboTenant's Customer Support Team Can Help

Many elements make up the customer experience at TurboTenant, and we strive to address those elements at every turn. Whether we are collecting feedback, addressing landlord questions, or advocating for our landlords’ needs, our Customer Support Team is always here for you! We want our team to feel accessible whenever you need us, so we’ve answered a few common questions about our team below.

What resources are available to help me be a successful landlord? 

We have a handful of resources we strongly recommend checking out! A few of these resources include the TurboTenant Help Center and our blog.

How can I get a hold of TurboTenant Customer Support if I need them? 

There are a few options for contacting us! They are:

  • Email: Have a quick question? Great! Customers can email [email protected], which will go straight to our team.
  • Within Your TurboTenant Account: If you’re working in your TurboTenant account, whether as a renter or landlord, you’ll see a small blue icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your account. If you click on that icon and select “Send us a message”, that message will also go straight to our team!
  • TurboTenant Help Center: Lastly, if you’re viewing the TurboTenant Help Center, the same blue icon will be in the bottom right-hand corner and you can follow the prompts as above.

What can Customer Support help me with?

If there’s a question about using TurboTenant, or being a landlord in general, we can point you in the right direction! Below are examples of conversations we tend to have with our landlords:

  • We pride ourselves on providing high-quality free property management software for landlords. If difficulty arises, we address it as soon as possible. When a concern is reported to our Customer Support Team, we immediately reach out to our Product Team, who assists us in resolving the matter.
  • We often get feedback that TurboTenant is user-friendly, which we love to hear! Of course, confusion can happen to anyone, and if you’re unaware of how to complete a task, simply let us know so we can guide you through the steps. We can access your TurboTenant account directly to easily help with your particular situation.
  • Our Product Team is consistently adding new and improved features based on customer feedback. If we don’t have a feature that you would like to see, we would love to hear your suggestion so we can pass the feedback along. This is an opportunity for our customers to have a voice in how TurboTenant operates so that it fits the needs of independent landlords, as well as their renters.
  • The TurboTenant Help Center provides answers to many questions that could come up while using TurboTenant. If a question arises that isn’t answered by the Help Center, or any other resources, please share your question with us. This helps us create the best resources possible so landlords, like yourself, can have answers to their questions all in one place.

Tips from Our Customer Support Team

Our Customer Support Team is constantly working to improve so we can support and advocate for our landlords and renters to the best of our abilities. Always know that you can reach out to our team if you need anything – we’d be delighted to help. Happy landlording! For some extra fun, here are some reasons why our team loves helping landlords, plus, some tips from our very own customer support team:

“Offering our landlords solutions is what I love to do, but I also love to provide the right tools for our landlords to be successful on our platform. Many landlords don’t realize that we have an abundance of insightful and useful articles related to the landlord experience. I always recommend new landlords to check out the TurboTenant Help Center  where they can find searchable articles including step-by-step guides to most of TurboTenant processes. And for even more goodies, I love to highlight our Blog and Tools & Calculators sections for future use.” – Tony (Customer Support Team Lead)

“My job revolves around helping people figure out what they need and then showing them the tools to not only be successful on our site, but as a landlord. I always recommend reviewing your state’s landlord-tenant laws and checking out all of the AMAZING tips and insights that can be found on our blog, specifically: 20 Must-Know Tips For Becoming a Great Landlord (Plus, 75 Bonus Tips). Above all else, communication is key! Communicate with your tenant, communicate with other landlords in your community and communicate with our support team – we are always here to help!” –Melissa (Customer Success Specialist)

“First off, I love to help! Please come to us if you are having the least bit of trouble.

Secondly, help me help you! Give me names, emails, time frames, web-page descriptions, concerns, expectations, your very hopes and dreams! I can be ever more helpful the more information I am given.” -Liv (Customer Support Specialist)

“One of the biggest things that I like to promote is the fact that all feedback is welcome! Our product is full of items that will help our landlords and renters alike, but we are always looking to improve the experience for everyone. Hearing new ideas and feedback on existing options really does go to our development teams and decision-makers. A great bit of advice, please share your thoughts on how things are going and how they could improve. Your voice will be heard by all of us.” – Sue (Customer Support Specialist).

Contact our team today  – we can’t wait to chat!

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